Imagined worlds, the idea of realities other than our own, or perhaps just aspects of one that remain unseen feed into the creative part of me.  I draw the world around me, but as I see it in my head and also what it can be. Creatures and all sorts of creations come to life in my mind. Marvelous things that could seemingly never be observed as you walk down the everyday sidewalk, but things that I desperately wish could.
I have learned that pairing these places and figures with a story makes for something wonderful.  Among my favorite created worlds, one thing is always present—a fight toward acceptance, an idea that is often lacking in the world I live.
I love and am fascinated with characters— diverse personalities, backgrounds, heritage, and desires—make a story interesting.  I push this point in my work. I illustrate acceptance. I create worlds and adventures that would be destroyed without it, and ones that expound on the beauty of our own.
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